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CECOM Rapid Response Program

How To Use The Contract

Step 1 The Government Customer contacts the Pre-Award Manager. Contact the R2 Pre-Award Operations Manager at (732) 532-7164 to discuss requirements.
Step 2 Complete an on-line Registration form on the R2 website (https://r2csr.monmouth.army.mil)
Step 3 Prepare and submit required Documentation: Performance Work Statement; Independent Government Cost Estimate; Procurement Strategy; Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). IAW the CE-LCMC R2 User Guide found on the RD website.
Step 4 Submit the PWS, IGCE, MIPR, and other associated documentation to the R2 Pre-Award Customer Service Team
Step 5 R2 Project Office issues Request for Task Execution Plan
Step 6
VSE submits our Proposal (TEP and Cost Proposal), within 7 business days to the CE-LCMC R2 Project Office
Step 7 The government Task Leader performs a Technical Evaluation and sends approval to the CE-LCMC R2 Project Office
Step 8 The Contracting Officer Issues a Task Order to VSE

"Goal of 19 Days to Be on Contract "

Questions? Contact the VSE web staff